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Markets are constantly moving, and its ability to sustain price movement in one direction is called market momentum. The term is used to define a function of change in price over a specified period against trade volume, meaning higher volumes have more impact on the momentum of price actions. However, market momentum is also a measure of the market’s sentiment towards certain events, and it’s only through understanding the market that traders can think ahead of it. The Awesome Oscillator is an indicator used to measure market momentum.

When a bullish saucer is identified, traders might enter a buy position during the third bar or during the fourth bar provided it is also green. The legendary chartist, Bill Williams created the Awesome Oscillator indicator. He showed it as the best momentum indicator that is as simple as it is elegant. Traders use it to determine the momentum of the asset at hand in the course of recent events within the context of a wider time frame. The indicator can also confirm or disprove trends and estimate possible reversal points. The reason the awesome oscillator indicator works so well with the e-Mini is that the security responds to technical patterns and indicators more consistently due to its lower volatility.

  • The bars turn yellow with an increasing value means the bulls are in control of the market.
  • Depending on your charting platform, the awesome oscillator indicator can appear in many different formats.
  • As you can see in the above example, by opening a position on the break of the trendline prior to the cross above the 0 line, you are able to eat more of the gains.

It doesn’t account for trend lines or the larger formation in play. You, however, reserve the right to use whatever periods work for you, hence the x in the above explanation. Well by definition, the awesome oscillator is the richest man in babylon review just that, an oscillator. Unlike the slow stochastics, which is range bound from +100 to -100, the awesome oscillator is boundless. Can change the Growing Bar’s color and thickness as well as the indicator’s visual type .

Simple Price Oscillator Trading Strategies

AO calculates the difference of a 34 Period and 5 Period Simple Moving Averages. The Simple Moving Averages that are used are not calculated using closing price but rather each bar’s midpoints. AO is generally used to affirm trends or to anticipate possible reversals.

However, the Awesome Oscillator is still one of the most widely used and vetted technical analysis tools available today. While there are bound to be traders who swear against it, with how diverse its range of functions is, it’s safe to say the trading world as a whole would be far worse off without it. The twin peaks strategy is also quite versatile and applicable to both bullish and bearish markets. For momentum investors, the ride up is the most profitable part of the movement, with prices moving at high velocity and trade volumes soaring through the roof. Traditional markets usually experience corrections soon after a positive momentum movement, as the markets adjust their expectations, causing the price to retrace lower. Second, you need to check if there are two consecutive swing lows of the awesome oscillator histogram and the second low is higher than the first one.

There are also ‘hidden’ divergences that can result in both bullish and bearish markets. These hidden divergences occur when the momentum and price action broadly correlate, but not at every stage. For example, a hidden bullish divergence occurs when the price makes a higher fx trader magazine low, but the indicator’s low continues falling. When AO crosses below the Zero Line, short term momentum is now falling faster then the long term momentum. When AO crosses above the Zero Line, short term momentum is now rising faster than the long term momentum.

So, what is the Awesome Oscillator Indicator?

Well, the Awesome oscillator indicator’s histogram is derived from the price chart. The Awesome Oscillator histogram is a 34-period simple moving average. This histogram is plotted through the central points of the bars (H+L)/2, and subtracted from the 5-period simple moving average, graphed across the central points of the bars (H+L)/2. The Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator strategy is a momentum strategy that takes advantage of the most immediate trend.

ao indicator

The Saucer method looks for changes in three consecutive bars, all on the same side of the Zero Line. However, the Awesome Oscillator tends to give far fewer false signals when compared to other oscillators. If you’re interested in learning more about the MACD indicator, we recommend studying the MACD Trend Following Strategy- Simple to learn Trading Strategy which is an out-of-the-box trend following strategy. Before we move forward, we must define the indicators you need to trade the Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator strategy and how to use the Awesome oscillator indicator.

Bearish Setup – AO Trendline Cross

Out of the 4 zero-line crossover signals, only 1 was a false signal. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Created by Marc Chaikin, this Chaikin Money Flow indicator measures the amount of money flow volume over a particular…

ao indicator

The Awesome Oscillator is plotted as a histogram, primarily using red and green to signify price difference since the previous period. The most popular Bill Williams Awesome oscillator strategy is trading the Awesome Oscillator Twin Peaks pattern because most of the time it signals trades with a superior risk to reward ratio. The AO saucer signal helps you identify pure momentum continuation trades. In other words, if you miss the boat on a trend signal the Awesome Oscillator saucer will give you a second chance to enter a trend or to simply build up your forex position. During strong trending markets, the Awesome Oscillator will keep you riding the trend while other momentum indicators will stop you out on a minor pullback or retracement. Now, you might be familiar with the zero-line crossover signal since this is a common trade signal with many technical indicators.

We’re not saying ditch the AO indicator altogether but be prepared to combine the AO with other indicators. Also, lower your expectations about how accurately the oscillator can create price boundaries which a low float will respect. First, if you shorted the opening spike, similar to our Papa John’s example, this would have caused you serious pain. Next, EGY spikes lower giving the impression the stock was going to fill the gap. Wrong again, as EGY only consolidates leaving you with a short position that goes nowhere. If you are a contrarian trader, a high value in the AO may lead you to want to take a trade in the opposite direction of the primary trend.

Awesome Oscillator and the twin peaks strategy

Again, the SMA is calculated by adding together the median price of each day and diving the total by the number of days in the period. Any time periods can be used when calculating the awesome oscillator, but most traders use a daily simple moving average of 34 days and five days. The Awesome Oscillator is a popular indicator of market momentum developed by the American financial analyst Bill Williams. It is a boundless indicator anchored around a zero line and displayed as a histogram of the average of two simple moving averages , one covering recent momentum and the other a longer period in the market.

Awesome Oscillator (AO) – indicator for MetaTrader 5

Bearish divergencies might signal that prices are likely to correct and that it might be advisable to exit long positions; similarly, bullish divergences could signal a trader to exit any shorts. Identifying divergences between technical indicators and price is a crucial aspect of technical trading. The Awesome Oscillator is undoubtedly a powerful and versatile tool that should be part of any investor’s toolkit, but it only takes one bad trade to wipe out all of your profits. For contrarian traders, an extremely high Awesome Oscillator reading may come across as a signal for a potential reversal, but this can be a bad way of using the indicator. The Awesome Oscillator is primarily used by technical analysts for its integration of more standard momentum oscillators while adjusting their calculations to iron out weaknesses. While the indicator often gives reliable signals, it’s always best to confirm using other indicators to minimize risk of loss.

When the AO crosses above the zero-line, short term momentum is indicated to be increasing faster than long term momentum, and traders may be prompted to enter a long position. The second peak will be above the first one and followed by extrasum a green bar. On the other hand, a bearish twin peak creates higher than the zero-line. And the second peak will be below the first one and followed by a red bar. A bullish twin peak is an indication for traders to place a buy order.

When a failure swing is identified, the script calculates the highest RSI measurement or the lowest RSI measurement between the two RSI pivot points. Accumulation Swing Index ASI was created by Wales Wilder as an ordinary fluctuations indicator that gets signals from previous maximums and minimums of price. Optimally, the examples distributed with the terminal would be the best-of-the-best examples of code style and function.

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